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New Year 2018

For the new year, my personal website builder migrates from JBake to Nikola which supports posts in the Jupyter notebook format. Yes, it is an era where mixing code and text in writings is common. In the past, people may choose to incorporate code segments in some formats such as markdown. However, it is still a text based document format not designed to run! Jupyter notebook comes to our rescue but a backend server is required. Binder is likely the answer to playing with Jupyter notebooks hosted on GitHub on demand. Therefore, a static website turns into an interactive one just in a blink of eyes.

What a Happy New Year!

Jupyter Notebook Demo

IPython's Rich Display System

This notebook post is originally from the Jupyter display system for ease of tuning styles.

In Python, objects can declare their textual representation using the __repr__ method. IPython expands on this idea and allows objects to declare other, richer representations including:

  • HTML
  • JSON
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • SVG
  • LaTeX

A single object can declare some or all of these representations; all are handled by IPython's display system. This Notebook shows how you can use this display system to incorporate a broad range of content into your Notebooks.

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