26 January 2017

Ongoing Courses

I am currently serving as the TA for the following courses:

Reach me in 101N MLH in my combined office hours or via the university email.

  • 2:00p-3:30p on Wed.

  • 12:30p-2:00p on Thur.

Steps to Earn AWS Educate Bonus Credits

For those who would like to apply for the AWS Educate grant, consider applying through the GitHub Studtent Developer Pack offer to earn bonus credits for a total of up to $150.

  1. Get the Student Developer Pack from GitHub Education by providing the school-issued email address, valid student id card, or other official proof of enrollment

  2. Get your pack to veiw the offer of the bonus AWS credits

  3. Click the unique link to join AWS Educate as a student

  4. The application approved email sent later should contain the credit code for you to redeem on the AWS Credits page

    • If succeeded, the application title should show 'Welcome GitHub Student Developer Pack Members.'

    • Not proved but this should work with the AWS Educate Starter Account.

Past Courses

The Compiler Construction course assumes you have basic understanding of C/C++ and experience with command line tools such as gcc, make and svn. Test your knowledge of the C programming language in the following slides to see if it suffices.

For those who are not familiar with Linux/Unix/MacOS X command line tools or C/C++, many informative video lectures on YouTube listed below would help. Other than the guides on the course website, you may find some useful written tutorials here for hands-on experience.

For those who are not familiar with compiler construction and would like quick reviews, the series of compiler lectures on YouTube should help.

  • CS:3620 Operating System, Fall 2015

    • Giving two full-length lectures on filesystems

  • CS:2620 Networking & Security for Informatics, Spring 2012

  • CS:2210 Discrete Structures, Fall 2011